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“The Land of Crap Rasputins”

I have been feeling a bit adrift since the grave mistake of 2016, but I think I might be able to cope with being a citizen of “the land of crap Rasputins”. So thank you Marina Hyde. And if the next … Continue reading

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Murray Gell-Mann

Sad to learn that Murray Gell-Mann, pioneer of particle physics and more, has died at the age of 89. 

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Gentlemen prefer gluons

Also at the Guardian. It might seem odd to some other LHC physicists, to hear me say that I love gluons.  To someone doing a “search”, such as looking for evidence of the Higgs boson, or supersymmetry, or extra dimensions, … Continue reading

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My three least favourite quarks

Also at The Guardian. Quarks are what dragged me into this mess. I’ve done about 50 hours work in the last 4 days and have run out of clean cutlery. My fridge contains only an empty tub of hummus and … Continue reading

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