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UCL Physics prof, works on LHC, writes (books, Cosmic Shambles and elsewhere). Citizen of England, UK, Europe & Nowhere, apparently.

Dean Burnett reblog

I am just going to leave this here because it’s better than anything I could write right now.

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Composite Dark Matter, for example

Yesterday I had a brief chat with Faculti about a paper I wrote with some collaborators last year. In the paper, we were looking at what collider data (specifically from the Large Hadron Collider) could tell us about a relatively-little-studied … Continue reading

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Life in a Sofa

Last night, while I was out talking about particle physics in Croydon, my useless family lost the TV remote. Having excluded all the other possibilities, this morning I came to the conclusion there was no option but to subject the … Continue reading

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See-saws, recycling and the W mass

Earlier this year the CDF collaboration published a measurement of the mass of the W boson which caused something of a stir. I even made it the topic of my slot at the rescheduled “Nine lessons for Curious People” in … Continue reading

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