The Blog

I started Life & Physics here on wordpress at the end of 2009.

From 31/8/2010 to 31/8/2018, most posts appeared on The Guardian as part of their excellent but now sadly defunct Science Blog Network.guardian For that period, these pages contain links to those posts, and to articles which appeared in other places and/or which didn’t really belong on the Guardian.

From 4/9/2018 I’ll be writing regular articles under the “Postcards from the Energy Frontier” banner at the Cosmic Shambles Network.jonHeaders I’ve already done some stuff with Robin, Trent et al, and you can see links to it all, as well as future things, here. Several pals from the Guardian Science blog network are there too. Go and see!

Other posts (usually shorter, quicker) will appear only here on wordpress, along with links to the Postcards and anything else I do which seems to fit. Most of the videos (and some more) are on my YouTube channel too.


It can get kind of exhausting discussing on too many forums and I have other demands on my time. At present my preferred place for public online discussions is twitter. So although I do accept the occasional comment here (and ping backs from your blog if you have more to say), there won’t be long threads etc here.


I’m a Professor of physics at UCL. Contact details, links and more research & professional information on my homepage at UCL.

My books,  A Map of the Invisible: Journeys into Particle Physics and Smashing Physics are  available in all good bookshops (this is basically the definition of a good bookshop). Here’s me on Goodreads.


The content of these pages is my own, and unless explicitly stated otherwise it doesn’t represent the official views of UCL, ATLAS, STFC, CERN, the Royal Society, the Butterworth family, English people with brown hair or any other group I am or have been employed by or associated with. In fact, sometimes they aren’t even my own official views.