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All genius, all buffoon: 100 years of Richard Feynman

Audio documentary by Robin Ince and Trent Burton at the Cosmic Shambles network.

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Book Shambles

Recorded backstage at the Hammersmith Apollo. In which I talk about Logicomix.

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Compendium of Reason

A fun night in Hammersmith, see Robin Ince’s summary.

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Nine Lessons and Carols 2017

The mix of comedy, science and music returned.

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Why I marched for science

At the Guardian. Some speeches and interviews, including one with me, are available at the Cosmic Shambles network.

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Deciding on Science

At the Guardian.

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Feynman: his birthday, his diagrams and his lectures

Yesterday was the 95th anniversary of the birth of Richard Feynman, one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century. An excuse for an unusual party At the Guardian. See also Chapter 8.3 of Smashing Physics.

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Tooth fairy quantum mechanics

The reason I can’t show you a Higgs boson is also the solution to a parental dilemma   I do sometimes get asked “If you’ve found a Higgs boson, can you show me a picture of it?” Unfortunately, the answer … Continue reading

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