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Do strategies make a difference?

On Monday we had a meeting of UK particle physicists at the shiny new Institute of Physics building (beta version here, well worth a visit if you are in the Kings Cross area) to discuss the ongoing update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics.

This was a chance for the UK particle physics community to react to the week-long international “open symposium” we had in Granada recently. There are strongly held opinions, open minds, facts established and in some cases more information needed. The process continues.

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Off the map

Here’s a reasonable quality recording of a colloquium I gave in Valencia last month. It’s aimed at fellow particle physicists rather than the general public, but I know some of you fit that description, and some of it might be of slightly wider interest anyway if you have the patience.

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Murray Gell-Mann

Sad to learn that Murray Gell-Mann, pioneer of particle physics and more, has died at the age of 89. 

Murray Gell-Mann having a little think, as potrayed by Toya Walker,

Murray Gell-Mann, as potrayed by Toya Walker

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Mosquitos and Toblerones

A couple of years ago I went to see Lucy Kirkwood’s play Mosquitos at the National Theatre.

It starred Olivia Coleman and Olivia Williams, who were both brilliant, and was set largely in and around CERN. There was a lot in it. Even though one of the characters is styled as the Higgs boson, although the play has a few themes and is not primarily a “science” play. It’s about family, motivation, people, and is very funny in places. The CERN context is important and relevant however, and its authenticity was firmly established with a joke about always bringing back a Toblerone from the airport. Which brings me finally to this:

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