Nature Careers: Working Scientist podcast

I talked to Julie Gould for Nature recently, about the challenges of working on big collaborations, of doing physics in the media spotlight, on why LHC had more impact with the public than LEP, and more. (I also occasionally manage to finish a sentence without stuffing it full of sub-clauses.)

Here’s the link.

And here’s a nice picture from above Les Houches a couple of months ago to encourage slightly perturbed reflection, perhaps. And because why not.




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Space Shed at Latitude

I did an interview with Jon Spooner, Director of Human Space Flight at the Unlimited Space Agency at Latitude 2018. It is now available as a podcast, which you can listen to here (Series 1, Episode 3).


It is intended to engage with children, and seems to work judging from the audience response and questions at the end. Adults may find it interesting too: we do talk some pretty serious physics.

Jon (S) is an excellent interviewer and the whole thing creates a very approachable atmosphere, so I recommend trying out the series, where he talks to many interesting people. You can subscribe on Spotify and various other poddy things.


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“The Land of Crap Rasputins”

I have been feeling a bit adrift since the grave mistake of 2016, but I think I might be able to cope with being a citizen of “the land of crap Rasputins”. So thank you Marina Hyde. And if the next term in the sequence, as she puts it, is Seumas Milne, I reckon I could handle it. For about five minutes.

Still, I am shocked to have learned from her column that the current incumbent, Dominic Cummings, quotes Murray Gell-Mann in the Bio of (one of?) the twitter accounts he apparently controls.

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Current World View

Situated at one end of “The Long Walk”, with Windsor Castle at the other, the view of the Copper Horse is awesome.


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