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* Note added after some discussion with colleagues: The FCC document on which I think the Nature article relies says “The FCC-hh would essentially provide a comprehensive search for WIMP DM”. The word “essentially” seems important here; I take it to mean there are some, possibly rather contrived, WIMP scenarios which would still be out of reach. I think such an exclusion would still have a profound influence.

Link to FFC document: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1140/epjc/s10052-019-6904-3

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Cross Reference

I once saw a reference letter that a Senior Physicist had written for a colleague I had worked with closely. The letter compared my colleague to me, along the lines of “X is as good as Jon at Y, but in addition is excellent at Z”.

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Oceans, teeth and particles

The Cosmic Shambles network continues producing excellent content through the COVID crisis, and I was happy to feature on their Sunday Science Q&A last week with Robin and Helen, and Brenna Hassett as the other guest. The recording is below.

Today there is another edition featuring the astrophysicists Katie Mack and Jen Gupta, link to the live feed is below below…

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Vector-like Quarks

My colleagues and I have a new paper on the arXiv today on New sensitivity of current LHC measurements to vector-like quarks.

Vector-like quarks are hypothetical  particles that appear in some extensions of the Standard Model. Such extensions are continually being proposed to try to improve the Standard Model, to allow it to describe nature in a more complete or theoretically-pleasing way.

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