Quite a turn

Early this evening, when I had finished an afternoon of interviewing PhD candidates over zoom, I set off to meet my wife, who had, for her approved exercise, gone walking over Hampstead Heath. I phoned her to check the route she was on, and also shared my location on google maps.

For some reason the latter didn’t work, or at least, my sharing did but hers didn’t. In any case we successfully rendezvoused near Parliament Hill and had a pleasant walk back together by the ponds. Even though some of it is by now a sea of muddy footprints, the heath is a lifesaver.

A few minutes after we got home, the new landline phone I bought a couple of days ago rang, with a waiting message. Picking it up, I heard a deadpan, strangely menacing robotic voice say

“I can see you, but you can’t see me.”

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Bayeaux Zoom Meeting

Just thought I’d leave this here.

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Fourier analysis and the Uncertainty Principle

As I mentioned here, I was one of many contributors to the Cosmic Shambles “Nine Lessons and Carols for Socially Distanced People” extravaganza just before Christmas. My bit was a short physics chat trying to give some insight into how the uncertainty principle arises in quantum physics, from the point of view of waves, beats, and Fourier analysis. Immediately afterwards, Steve Pretty performed a musical piece which echoed some of those ideas, particularly things drifting in and out of phase.

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Father Christmas is beyond the Standard Model

Clearly a true statement, on which I slightly expanded on the Today Programme this morning.

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