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Relativistic kinematics for musicians

Also at the Guardian. A couple of years ago I became involved in a grand plan to make sounds out of LHC data. We called this project LHCsound. Recently we have revisited the idea with the aim of listening to … Continue reading

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Why are harps harp-shaped?

At the Guardian. See also Chapter 7.3 of Smashing Physics.

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Money (That’s What I Want)

Once you pay someone enough to allow them to live comfortably, bunging more money at them is not a terribly effective motivator. In Britain, or England at least, we seem to have great trouble really accepting this. The banks crashed despite the … Continue reading

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Hamburg Daze

12/3/2010 Now available at GeekPop 2010 (see below) A few days ago Martin White of Roadside Poppies submitted a song called “Ausgabe Drei” to the GeekPop festival. It was recorded on 13th Jan this year in his bedroom in Ferney … Continue reading

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