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The Universe Speaks in Numbers

I have reviewed Graham Farmelo’s new book for Nature. You can find the full review here. Mathematics, physics and the relationship between the two is a fascinating topic which sparks much discussion. The review only came out this morning and … Continue reading

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First ever acceleration of electrons in a proton-driven plasma wave

Turning out to be a busy August in physics. This breakthrough was just published in Nature: Nature news and the paper itself (open access, hurrah!). Really nice, extensive summary from CERN by Achintya Rao As you can see from the Nature News … Continue reading

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First measurement of the Lyman-alpha lines of anti-hydrogen

The ALPHA experiment (no relation) at the CERN antiproton decelerator has just published the first measurement of the Lyman-alpha lines of anti-hydrogen (a positron bound to an antiproton)¹.  There is an excellent summary of the measurement here, written by Ana … Continue reading

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Inside the Rad Lab

Review of Michael Hiltzik’s Big Science: Ernest Lawrence and the Invention That Launched the Military-Industrial Complex in Nature.  

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