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Babbage @TheEconomist

Along with several colleagues, I was interviewed by my old Guardian Science Blog boss Alok Jha for two episodes of the Economist’s Babbage podcast, about the future of the LHC and beyond. If you subscribe to the Economist you can … Continue reading

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Guardian Science Weekly Podcast

Along Guardian Science correspondent Hannah Devlin, I discussed the flavour anomalies from LHCb with Madeleine Finlay for the Guardian Science Weekly podcast. It is titled “Will the Large Hadron Collider find a new fifth force of nature?“. Hannah gives a … Continue reading

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LHC Run 3, the beginning

Today will be a busy day at CERN, with beams scheduled to go around the Large Hadron Collider tunnel, a big step towards the start of “Run 3”. This comes after a long, three year shutdown where, while struggling with … Continue reading

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A growing anomaly

The LHCb experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) today released an update of a measurement that many of us physicists have been keeping a close eye on for quite some time. At the Cosmic Shambles Network

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