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Has physics cried wolf too often, or do false alarms help build understanding?

Mistakes are embarrassing, and getting over-excited about a statistical anomaly is silly. But these things happen, and the answer to building public confidence in science is not to pretend that they don’t Last week I wrote about a possible signal … Continue reading

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Science is not political, except when it is

Scientific results are special, and can only be challenged on scientific grounds. But their effect… that’s a different story. At the Guardian.  

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Was Brian Cox wrong? – Sixty Symbols

Never mind those Higgs updates, here’s the latest in the great Brian Cox diamond controversy – interesting video from Ed Copeland and Tony Padilla At the Guardian.

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On Pauli and the interconnectedness of all things

Do all the electrons in the universe really move about imperceptibly when Brian Cox rubs a diamond, and is it anything to do with the Pauli exclusion principle? At the Guardian.

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