The Standard Model – TEDEd Lesson

I may have mentioned before, the Standard Model is about 50 years old now. It embodies a huge amount of human endeavour and understanding, and I try to explain it in my book, A Map of the Invisible (or Atom Land in the US/Canada). Thanks to the team at TED Education, and the excellent animation of Nick Hilditch, here is a TEDEd lesson I wrote – with important help and support from ATLAS colleagues. There are also related lesson resources etc on the TED-Ed page. Hope you find it fun and enlightening, please share!


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James Stirling

Today I got the terrible news of the untimely death of Professor James Stirling. A distinguished particle physicist and until August the Provost of Imperial College London, he will be remembered with fondness and admiration by many.

Even astronomers – Peter Coles has posted more about why here. In particular he writes:

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Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking – review

Back in the Guardian (well, the Observer actually) with a review of Stephen Hawking’s final book .


A couple of paragraphs didn’t make the edit; no complaints from me about that, but I put them here mainly for the sake of Fredric Brown:

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Dark Matters

This is great.

I had nothing to do with it, it happened in the 95% of the Physics Department (and of the lives of my PhD students) about which I know nothing.

I recommend you watch it and form your own impressions before reading my thoughts, but I have some anyway if you’re interested.

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