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I am a particle physicist working on sonification of the data output from the ATLAS detector at CERN. The project I'm working on is called LHCsound and is funded by the STFC. It is based at University College London where I have just finished my PhD on the search prospects for a low mass standard model Higgs Boson. I have now moved to Chicago to start an ATLAS postdoc with Argonne National Laboratory.

Desperately seeking SUSY

Also at the Guardian. We discovered a new particle this summer, and it looks a lot like the Higgs boson, but theoretical physicists are not happy. There is a fundamental reason for their discomfort, which is known as the “Higgs … Continue reading

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Why does the Higgs decay?

Higgs bosons might be being produced at CERN right now, but we can’t keep them. Lily Asquith explains… here at the Guardian.

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Relativistic kinematics for musicians

Also at the Guardian. A couple of years ago I became involved in a grand plan to make sounds out of LHC data. We called this project LHCsound. Recently we have revisited the idea with the aim of listening to … Continue reading

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Also at the Guardian. The American Physical Society hold a meeting in April of every year. This was my first one, and it was quite different from the IoP meetings I am used to in the UK. The most blindingly … Continue reading

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