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Faster than light neutrinos get a bit more convincing

At the Guardian. See also Chapter 6.1 of Smashing Physics, and a Channel 4 write up here.

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Rumours of the Higgs at ATLAS

This is at The Guardian but the video from Channel 4 News doesn’t work. It is on YouTube   See also Chapter 5.2 of Smashing Physics.

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God, Stephen Hawking and M-Theory

At The Guardian. Again the video doesn’t work though, but Physics World has it here. PS “Speak My Brains”, hat-tip to the Day Today.

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LHC High Energy Physics Start

See also Chapter 3.1 of Smashing Physics. So, the LHC breaks new ground again. Not just in fundamental physics and accelerator technology, but in doing science live in public, or at least so it feels. We had hoped for collisions … Continue reading

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