God, Stephen Hawking and M-Theory

I speak my brain on Channel 4 News about the booksellers’ current favourite controversy – Stephen Hawking versus God

Yesterday, when I should have been writing a paper about data from the Atlas detector at Cern’s Large Hadron Collider, I was taxied across Geneva to talk live on television to Jon Snow about Stephen Hawking’s apparent sudden conversion to atheism.

Physics World has the video here.

Talking about God is well out of my comfort zone but I thought I should agree to do it since I worry that manufactured religion vs science wars can be very damaging and I didn’t feel I should wimp out of trying to inject some sense.

In fact Jon Snow and Channel 4 News hosted what I think was a very reasonable discussion. Phew.

Oh, and by the way, Stephen Hawking hasn’t changed his mind about God.

(also at The Guardian although the video is broken)

PS “Speak My Brains”, hat-tip to the Day Today.


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