Today I Learned

Hampstead Heath Constabulary appear to have taken on the role of personal trainers to the community.

As I took my officially-sanctioned exercise (stroll) today, one of them was driving very slowly along the paths wide enough to accommodate his car, and it was really impressive to see how everyone who had been slacking a bit suddenly became re-enthused with their yoga, or set off again on their circuit training. Especially impressed by the generously-proportioned bronze fellow who looked to be asleep on a bench at first but began doing press-ups on it within seconds of the appearance of the megaphone.


This was quite inspirational, as I think my own personal standards may be slipping. I did finish the thing I was writing, so that’s good, but sartorially speaking I have just noticed that I am wearing freebie hotel slippers and some of those socks you get given on aeroplanes to stop your feet smelling. Also, I’m not sure my attempt at trimming my own hair was very successful. I have spent a bit too much time discussing cocktails on facebook.

I mainly mention this because my last couple of posts seem to have given some people the impression I am a physics machine that has simply accelerated during lockdown. It is not so. My current mode is well within the varied experiences of my UCL colleagues which Jenny Rohn reports here.

I need to pull my socks up. Although these ones would probably tear.





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  1. Peter Hobson says:

    Can one spend too much time discussing cocktails? I don’t wear shoes at all these days, but I think my socks may be more robust than yours.

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