Mosquitos and Toblerones

A couple of years ago I went to see Lucy Kirkwood’s play Mosquitos at the National Theatre.

It starred Olivia Coleman and Olivia Williams, who were both brilliant, and was set largely in and around CERN. There was a lot in it. Even though one of the characters is styled as the Higgs boson, although the play has a few themes and is not primarily a “science” play. It’s about family, motivation, people, and is very funny in places. The CERN context is important and relevant however, and its authenticity was firmly established with a joke about always bringing back a Toblerone from the airport. Which brings me finally to this:

… which is of course what prompted the above flashback.

I rather wish I’d written about Mosquitos nearer the time that I saw it. I seem to recall that I intended to. I guess Olivia Coleman is just too famous now to be in it, although I still see her every time I go to CERN on those damn BA safety videos.

Anyway, if you get the chance, I recommend going to see it. I see it is on in Sydney right now…

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