Sarkozy and the Higgs

See also Chapter 3.4 of Smashing Physics.

A lot happened at ICHEP today, but I’ll stick to the presidential address and the Higgs.

Quick Higgs recap: we know that something gives particles mass. According to our best theory, known as the Standard Model, it is theHiggs boson. And if the model is true, then the Higgs’ own mass has to lie within a certain range.

President Sarkozy at ICHEP (Photo: Mike Paterson)

Ben Kilminster of Fermilab in the US presented the latest results on the search for the Higgs at their Tevatron collider.

See the Guardian Science blog for the rest of this post.

See here for English translation of Sarkozy’s speech.

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1 Response to Sarkozy and the Higgs

  1. Tom Roud says:

    Well, being a French man more used to Sarkozy’s rhetoric, I would recommend taking what Sarkozy told with a pinch of salt. If you look at what the Figaro wrote on this speech :

    the emphasis is put on the European aspect of the LHC (!) and somehow on the medical applications.
    Sarkozy has been doing a lot of speeches on scientific research recently, and the general message was that research has to lead to applications as quickly as possible, that universities have to work closely with private companies, etc… quite opposite in my opinion to what the LHC represents.
    (by the way, Sarkozy is a good friend of the famous Bogdanoff’s brothers, I am wondering if they discuss science together sometimes !)

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