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“The Land of Crap Rasputins”

I have been feeling a bit adrift since the grave mistake of 2016, but I think I might be able to cope with being a citizen of “the land of crap Rasputins”. So thank you Marina Hyde. And if the next … Continue reading

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Current World View

Situated at one end of “The Long Walk”, with Windsor Castle at the other, the view of the Copper Horse is awesome.

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Reinterpreting Results

I’m Down South this week at Imperial College, for a meeting on “(Re)interpreting the results of new physics searches at the LHC”. Given the lack of obvious signs of physics beyond the Standard Model (particularly supersymmetry at accessible energies), theoretical … Continue reading

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Rising up to the challenge: My Brexit plan

Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day. And the brexit ultras and associated careerists are correct that the so-called “Chequers” proposal is indeed “worse than status quo”. Damning indeed if you take “Marguerita Time” into consideration.

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