Nine Lessons 24

I was privileged to be part of this, and the wrap-up/running order is now up at the Cosmic Shambles Network. Top quote “If this whole thing reads like a weird fever dream. It was.”

Some highlights will be up there soon too. I doubt I’ll make them, there was so much good stuff, but I might post my section up here later anyway if not, for all those Fourier analysis / uncertainty principle fans out there.

One of the bits I found surprisingly powerful was the multi-talent reading of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol“. I have seen so many adaptations of the story that I had forgotten, or perhaps never realised, the power of the words themselves. I really recommend reading it — the text is available free at Project Gutenberg — or, of course, listening to the Nine Lessons 24 reading, assuming it features in the highlights.

I don’t know, it still seems so fresh and relevant.


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