Katarina Anthony and the education and outreach team of the ATLAS experiment have started soliciting short videos from across our collaboration (and hence across the world) as we all hunker down and try to work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

I was honoured to feature in the first one along with Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez  (of “Lonely Chairs at CERNfame) and (very briefly) Elias Coniavitis. Here it is.

Watch our for more soon under the #PhysicistsAtHome hashtag, should you want to see what physicists and their homes look like.

I guess all the chairs at CERN are lonely now 😦

But we’ll be back.

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UCL Physics prof, works on LHC, writes (books, Cosmic Shambles and elsewhere). Citizen of England, UK, Europe & Nowhere, apparently.
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