Boosting boost

Regular readers (hello!) will know that the topics of jet substructure, boosted objects and the annual Boost meeting often feature here, because I work on them and they are interesting and important for physics at the Large Hadron Collider (and any high energy machine which may follow).

Grosse Point Blank "Ten Years"

I didn’t join the army.

Amongst other things they inspired my first post, and played a role in the observation of the Higgs decaying to bottom quarks.

This year we had the tenth Boost meeting in Paris, which was great, but which I failed to write about even though I gave one of the “ten years” review talks (along with Colliding Particles co-star Gavin Salam). However, Matt LeBlanc and others have now rectified that in CERN Courier with a brief but informative summary of where we are now. A lot has been achieved in ten years.



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