île des Quarks

Ok, this is basically a boast post, but I just got the French edition of “A Map of the Invisible” (actually they went with the US title and layout, so “Atom Land”) and I am very pleased with it.

I particularly like “Île des Quarks”, could have used that even in the English edition, I think. There’s something about seeing your own words in another language, especially on a map, which makes the whole thing seem more distant and therefore somehow more real. I like the Russian one too. 20191008_094418

I wonder if the fact that higher energy is further east in my analogy plays well in Vladivostok? Which reminds me, when I gave a talk on the book in Johannesburg, there were objections that the southern hemisphere was simply labelled “antimatter” and pretty much ignored. Maybe some enterprising publisher should produce a southern hemisphere edition?20191008_094246-1

Maps by Chris Wormell, of course.



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