Don’t wear your colours here..

riotsI’ve spent the last 48 hours enthralled by the goings on at the Argonne “Analysis Jamboree”. I’m not really much of a one for these things… my more senior colleagues doze and my more junior colleagues tap loudly on their laptops; facebooking, writing code, who knows. Sometimes I wonder what the senior ones dream about.. particularly in the weekly lunchtime seminars, where the average age of an attendee is about 2,609.

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I am a particle physicist working on sonification of the data output from the ATLAS detector at CERN. The project I'm working on is called LHCsound and is funded by the STFC. It is based at University College London where I have just finished my PhD on the search prospects for a low mass standard model Higgs Boson. I have now moved to Chicago to start an ATLAS postdoc with Argonne National Laboratory.
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