Should we change the Higgs boson’s name?

I wrote this piece on the blog about Higgs boson naming, and was then asked to write something for g2. This appeared on the web here (not in the usual Life & Physics slot, hence this post so I can find the link in future). I’m not used to being sub-edited. Can you spot Talking Heads reference they garbled?

In fact, the boson part of “Higgs boson” is arguably more important the “Higgs” part, and is named after Satyendra Nath Bose, the Indian physicist, who worked out that bit of quantum mechanics. There have even been complaints that “boson” should be capitalised. The laws that govern bosons are called Bose-Einstein statistics, but no one knows who the other guy was.

A few days later Tom Kibble responded to the initial Sunday Times story here (which also appeared as a letter in the Times).

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