More Bosons and a Geeky Backpack

See also Chapter 3.4 of Smashing Physics.

Ok, I registered, and now have yet another geeky backpack, a pen, and a map of Paris. Plus a dog-tag with my name and “ICHEP 2010” on so that security don’t throw me out. Excellent. Off to a day of parallel talk sessions.

A very crowded Higgs session at ICHEP (photo: Mike Paterson)

In one room the audience were hearing how well the LHC detectors were working, which is very well indeed. This is a major achievement, not to be taken for granted. They have come into operation much more smoothly than is usual for highly complex particle detectors.

However, I basically knew that already, so I went to another very crowded session where the latest HERA and Tevatron measurements of the W and Z bosons were being shown, along with the very first measurements of these particles from ATLAS and CMS at the LHC.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Hello There, The recent BBC news story by Pallab Ghosh on the Large Hadron Collider which featured Jon Butterworth mentioned the age of the big bang as 4.6 billion ago where it should be around 13.5 billion years. I don’t know if you can contact the producers to correct the voiceover. Thanks, Patrick.

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