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Compendium of Reason

A fun night in Hammersmith, see Robin Ince’s summary.

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Nine Lessons and Carols 2017

The mix of comedy, science and music returned.

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Waking up with a sense of euphoria.

Stand up. Be funny. About physics? Ryan Nichol describes the experience. At The Guardian.

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Impromptu Simon Jenkins spoof rallies the defenders of science

Some spoofs of Simon Jenkins following on from this.

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A Mammoth of Research

You know, there’s so much science on TV and in the papers these days. I mean, I share in the glory of science every bit as much as people who actually work at it. I certainly know much more than … Continue reading

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The Spiegelei Incident

Ah! the Eurovision cheers from Hamburg… And a  song with physics in the lyric wins. Having had my brain melted by the whole thing (see twitter stream…) I think I am now infatuated with a 19-year old German with a … Continue reading

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