Past Events

28/4/2018 East End Film Festival

15 February, Hampstead Scientific Society

8 February, Chelmsford IoP

16 January, Royal Institution

8 January, Flamsteed Astronomy Society

19 December Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People

16 December Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People

1  December Brian and Robin’s Compendium of Reason

21 September, Bedford Skeptics in the Pub

17 May Pint of Science, London

26 April Institute of Physics, Oxford

13 April Modelling Beyond Standard Model Physics at Royal Society Edinburgh, and  Discussion on Supersymmetry at the Edinburgh Science Festival.

3/3/2017 UCL Your Universe

15/2/2016 Essex Sceptics in the Pub

17/1/2016 IoP Lecture, University of Kent at Canterbury

5/12/2016 Stirling Lecture, University of Durham

2/12/2016 UCL Science Centre

10/10/2016 Bishop’s Stortford Café Scientifique

5/8/2016 at Electromagnetic Field 2016

Public talk at Boost 2016, ETH Zurich, 19/7/2016.

3 July Oxfordshire Science Festival

10 June Oslo PhD Day

28 April 2016 Abingdon ATOM Society

20 April University College Dublin Physics Society

13 Feb 2016 New Scientist “Instant Expert”: The Mysteries of Particle Physics

3 Feb 2016 Whitney Humanities Centre, Yale University, Hew Haven, CN, USA: Shulman Lecture

1 Oct 2015 Nottingham Uni Masterclass.

24 Sept 2015 Royal Society Winton awards ceremony

19 Aug Coventry Skeptics in the Pub.

13 Aug 2015 7pm Highland Park Library (494 Laurel Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035)

24 July Winchester Science Festival (5-6pm)

20 May Gravesend Sceptics in the Pub

19 May Pint of Science

9 April Loughton Astronomy Society Theydon Bois (visitors welcome).

1 April Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

28 March Your Universe, UCL

24 March Reading Skeptics in the Pub

7 March Bristol Festival of Physics

3 March Chichester Skeptics in the Pub

11 Feb Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub

8 January Tunbridge Wells Skeptics in the Pub

16, 17 December, Christmas Science Ghosts

25 November IoP prizegiving!

25 November Barbican (with Brian Cox and Particle Fever!)

11 November Sussex/IoP

1 November 2pm Blackwells Manchester Science Festival

28 October Cheltenham Skeptics in the Pub

17 October UCL Science Centre

15 October 6pm UCL

2 October 6pm Institute of Physics (and here’s a write-up of the talk).

27 September 3pm Gravity Fields Festival, Grantham

26 September Glasgow Physics Colloquium

26 September Glasgow Skeptics Special

16 September Maidstone Skeptics in the Pub

20 August, 18:30, UCL; a public evening of particle physics (including a virtual visit to CERN) as part of the Boost 2014 workshop.

2 August Kew Palace (a talk about Herschel and Georgian Science, not the Higgs, though I did sell/sign some books.)

14 July West of London Astronomical Society

Liverpool Science Festival  27 June, Waterstones

3 July shift 13:15-17:00 on the Higgs boson and beyond exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition.

22 June 13:30 Screening of Particle Fever at the Open City Documentary Festival 2014, at UCL, followed by panel discussion.

15 June York Festival of Ideas

11 June Bournemouth Skeptics in the Pub

7 June Science Oxford Talk by Jim Gates, panel discussion with him, Jo Dunkley and me, chaired by Quentin Cooper

3 June evening Oxford Skeptics in the Pub

29 May 7pm Bristol Festival of Ideas with Pedro G. Ferreira, chaired by Margaret Harris of Physics World

28 May 4pm Hay Festival

28 May 2pm How the light gets in

27 May 7pm Launch event at the Royal Institution!

24 May 12:30-13:30 Owl Bookshop, Kentish Town, London

22 May 16:30 Public Lecture at the University of Manchester

20 May 18:30 Waterstones Gower St, London


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