Smashing Physics

RS Winton Prize 2015 shortlist logoMy book, Smashing Physics, is available here and at all good bookshopsTop-10-Book-2014-200x200

Here’s a video of the launch event at the Royal Institution, introduced and chaired by Brian Cox.

Upcoming events where you can see me talk about it are listed here.

Background & Updates

Occasionally I get interesting background comments, pictures or questions about things in the book. Also there are, of course, a few mistakes. Where these are interesting or factual (rather than obvious typos), I’ve added them to the pages below.

If you spot others please let me know.



The book has been released from Kindle, and by Audible as an audio book.

A US/Canada/Phillipines edition by The Experiment will be available early 2015, and will be called “Most Wanted Particle“.

It is being translated into German by Franckh-Kosmos Verlag, as “‘Der Kosmos im Crashtest’, out January 2015.

And a Chinese translation is also on the way (Posts & Telecom Press).