What is the universe really made of?

The paperback edition of A Map of the Invisible is out now, and to help promote it we made a few videos on some of the themes in the book. Here’s the first one:


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Rising up to the challenge: My Brexit plan

Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day. And the brexit ultras and associated careerists are correct that the so-called “Chequers” proposal is indeed “worse than status quo”. Damning indeed if you take “Marguerita Time” into consideration.

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Ten years after the “Big Bang”

Ten years ago it was Wednesday, and at 10:28 in the morning Geneva time Image028the first protons had just made the 27 km journey through the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. The media referred to it as “Big Bang Day”, and while it didn’t mark the start of a new universe, particle physics certainly entered a new era, in more than one way.


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Anti-protons, Dark Matter and Helium

First post of “Postcards from the Energy Frontier” at the Cosmic Shambles Network.


A new measurement at CERN tells us something about the way particles travel through interstellar space. Which in turn may help a satellite on the International Space Station find evidence for Dark Matter.

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